christmas order sheet available on contact page

Please to meet you Caspian & Arron

Christmas order book is open now.please print off your order sheet from contact  page .place  order either by emailing us the form or bring into store.

The order form is for meat only.

everything else due to brexit is in store from now . because we cannot guarantee availablity for December .please come into store and purchase  other requirements

Turkey whole  NOT AVAILABLE


Turkey Crown 3kg

Turkey Butterfly (rolled & sage & stuffing)

Gammon joint  per kg                12.95

Gammon Steaks  per kg             12.95

Smoked gammon  to be confirmed

Beef Joints             to be confirmed

Pork joints    see Butchery page

Lamb Joints   see  butchery page 


Irish frozen Sausages                   3.95

Sausage meat              


Bacon joints

Bacon                                           4.95

Smoked Bacon                             5.95

Streaky Bacon 454gm                  5.95

Smoked streaky    per kg            14.75


1Lt Whipping cream (french)     7.50

Red current jelly                          3.60

Cranberry                                     3.60


Roasting Potatoes

Carrs Cracker selection pk          4.90


Xmas cakes 


porter fruit cake

1lb Xmas puddings

Odlums Luxury                             7.50

Mince pies 6pk

Mincemeat jar


Quality Street 900gm tin             12.00

Quality box 238gm                        6.00

Celebrations 240gm                       6.00

Thornton Classic                           11.50

Fox,s Fabulously carton                10.50

Fox,s Chocolatey tin 365gm         10.99

Fox,s Santa Favourites                    5.00

Highland shortbread                       2.50


A selection of Xmas cards are instore now










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