Our produce

Our farm has grown over ten  years from small beginnings to become a local centre for a wide variety of produce, ranging from Our English butchery counter ,small but well stocked stores & seasonal Product ,

Our new premises on gouarec & Callac  highstreet are both open 4 days a week(times on front page)

You can get an idea of our range of produce by taking a look at the selection below. 

Please note when ordering, we will endeavour to get as close to your requirements as possible .

Prices will be also subject to change due to market costs and  availability

Pork,  Sausages,Bacon & Gammons


Leg / shoulder of Pork                        8.00  le kg

bone out                                                 9.00  le kg

loin Joint                                              12.75  le kg

Loin bone out                                      13..20 le kg

Porc fillet                                              11.50 le kg

Pork mince                                            10.90le kg

Pork diced                                             10.90le kg

Pork Chops                                          12.75 le kg

Pork Belly                                               POA



Bacon                                                    10.50 le kg

Smoked Bacon                                    12.90 le kg

Streaky Bacon                                     13.50 le kg

Smoked Streaky                                  14.75 le kg


Gammon                                                    11.90 le kg

Smoked Gammon                                    13.90 le kg

Gammon steaks                                        11.90 le kg

Smoked Gammon steaks                        13.90 le kg

Cooked Ham Sliced &Packed                 18.00 le kg


Sausages / Saucisse

Pork/Porc                                            10.50 le kg

Lincolnshire                                       11.50 le kg

Cumberland                                       11.50le kg

Chipolatas                                           14.75 le kg


Black Pudding/ Boudin Noir           3.50 la piece

Sausage meat / saucisse viande    10.90 le kg


Beef, Lamb & Poultry

All Beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days

This is Aberdeen Angus Beef we ship from uk

Fillet                               44.00 le kg

Rib of Beef                     24.00 le kg

Rib Eye steaks             32.00 le kg

T bone steaks          price on request current market value

Rump Steak                 24.00 le kg

Sirloin Steak                29.00 le kg

Topside                         18.00 le kg

Brisket                           17.00 le kg

Beef Mince                   14.50 le kg

Steak Mince                 18.00 le kg

Diced beef                    18.00 le kg

Steak & Kidney           18.00 le kg

Braising beef                18.00 le kg

Diced Steak                   18.00 le kg

Diced beef                     15.00 le kg

Lamb /Angeau

Whole Lamb/Entier Angeau            16.50 le kg

Lamb Shoulder /Angeau Epaule     19.00 le kg

Leg of Lamb                                         19.00 le kg

Best End of Lamb                               19.00 le kg

Lamb Chops                                         19.00 le kg

Lamb Mince                                         14.50 le kg

Diced Lamb                                          21.00 le kg

Lamb Shanks                                       19.00 le kg

Lambs Liver                                           9.00 le kg


Free Range Chicken                          7.95 le kg

Sm Free Range chickens                  6.00 la piece


Whole Chicken Breasts                   12.90 le kg

Chicken fillets                                   12.90 le kg

Chicken  Wings                                  6.50 le kg

Chicken thighs                                    7.95 le kg


Duck                                                    8.75 le kg








youngs  4  x Cod in batter                            8.50

Youngs 4 x Haddock in batter                    8.50

Youngs admiral fish pie                               5.20

Youngs fishermans pie                                 5.20

youngs mariners pie                                     5.20

youngs 12 fishcakes                                       7.50km

youngs 2 fishcakes large                               2.70

asda 8 fishcakes    in batter                           5.95

2 pk kippers                                                   5.00

youngs scampi                                               5.95

youngs wholetail scampi                             6.95

Whitby wholetail scampi                              6.95

cod fish fingers 10pk                                     5.00

cod fish finger 28pk                                       8.99


Holland pies  4pk 

Meat & potatoe

Steak & kidney puddings

Steak & kidney pies                                   6.00


BB pies

steak & kidney

mince beef & onion

chicken & mushroom

steak & gravy                                            3.50 each


Bird Eye 4 quarter pounder beefburgers  4.75

American frozen 80% burgers                     4.00 pk x4

Richmond sausages 24,s                                8.90

Asda pork sausages 20.s                                 8.50

toad in the hole                                               3.00

Brains                                                                 5.20

4pk faggots lg                                                    4.50

Roast Beef

Roast Chicken

Roast Lamb

Bisto roast lamb dinner                               5.00

4pk scotch pies                                               5.50


Birds eye Frozen garden peas                     6.50

385gm birds eye frozen peas                        3.75

Tesco broad beans                                          3.85

1kg frozen sprouts                                           3.95

1kg green beans                                                3.95

aunt bessies roast poatoes                             4.95

aunt bessies  chips                                          4.95

morrison seasoned wedges                           3.95

birds eye potatoe waffles                              2.99

Tesco/asda Onion rings                                4.50

garlic bread                                                    2.50

10 slices garlic bread                                    3.95

good fellows pizza                                        3.00

2pk kiev                                                           3.00

iceland lasagne                                               3.00

asda chicken curry and rice                        3.00

 asda sweet and sour                                    3.00

1 pk 500gm puff /shortcrust pastry          3.00

2 pk puff Pastry                                             5.90

2 pk shortcrust pastry                                  5.90

Vol en vents   72                                             6.00

8 floured baps                                                4.40

8 pk  fruit teacakes                                         8.00


4 pk chicken breaded fillets                        5.90

2pk breaded chicken fillets                         3.95

Chicken burgers                                            

chicken in breadcrumbs                              2.50

BBQ ribs                                                         7.50

Chinese ribs

american chicken boneless box                8.50

Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puddings 12pk   3.90

Aunt Bessies Chips 1.50kg

Aunt Bessies roast potatoes  


asda Apple strudel

asda berry strudel                                          2.50

jam roly poly                                                    2.99

Lemon meringue                                            3.50

fruit scones 10pk                                           10.00

Fruit teacakes 8pk                                           8.00

Haggis 2kg                                                     20.00

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