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Gouarec or Callac .

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This year you will receive an order number please save this for future reference, dont forget our other range of meats to add on to your orders for xmas


Fresh Whole Turkey’s 9kg   plus                    9.50 le kg

Free  Range                       7/8kg                          9.50 le kg

                                            5/6kg                            9.50 le kg


NEW  Frozen Turkey’s                                    8.00 le kg

Butterfly Breast                                                   12.50 le kg

 (Boned, Stuffed & rolled)           

Small Crown 2.5kg -3kgapprox                     12.50 le kg

Goose                                                                    15.00 le kg

Free Range Duck                                                 8.25 le kg

Sausage Meat                                                      10.90 le kg

Chipolatas                                                            14.95 le kg

Selection of Sausages  from                              9.90 le kg

Vegetarian Sausages                                         10.50 le kg

Gluten free Sausages                                        11.50 le kg

Streaky Bacon                                                    13.50 le kg

Smoked Streaky                                                14.75 le kg

Gammons hams (uncooked)                         10.50 le kg

Smoked Gammon Hams (uncooked)          12.90 le kg

A Huge Selection of English Cheeses from 15.50 le kg

See our main selection online





Elmlea Single   284 ml                              2.50                         

Elmleadouble  284ml                               2.50

Elmlea double 568ml                                5.00

Double cream 1lt                                        6.00

Whipping Cream 1lt                                  6.00

Clotted Cream Roddas                  From 3.50

 Pork pie

                 sm                                                  2.00

                 Large                                            7.00

Larger made to order                              14.50 le kg

Gala pie      large                                        7.50                               

Gala Log                                                   14.50 le kg


Bread Sauce                                                        1.50

Cranberry Sauce Coleman’s                          3.60

Apple Sauce Coleman’s                                  3.60

Horseradish Sauce Coleman's                      3.60

Mint Sauce Colman’s                                      3.60

Xmas puddings             ind                             2.20

Xmas pudding 1lb                                            5.00

Xmas Puddings                                                6.50

Xmas pudding with Brandy          454gm              13.00

Finest Xmas pudding with Brandy  909 gm         15.00

Mince Pies 6s                                                    3.00

18s                                                                        7.50

Chocolate Yule Log                                        4.50

Xmas Pretzels                                                

Xmas cakes with Brandy

                Xmas brandy fruit slice with icing                      5.50

            Medium                                                               12.00

                Large                                                                     20.00

mincemeat                                                                     4.50 per jar


Choice of Chocolate Goodies for your Xmas Sack

From                                                                                3.20    

Boxed Xmas cards 12,s  & 20,s     from                   3.00

Advent Calendars           from                                     4.00     

More available in store

Opening days for December

Tuesday                  5            12          19

Wednesday           6             13          20

Thursday                7             14          21

Friday                     8             15           22        29                

Saturday                                               23 Gouarec only

Sunday                                                  24th Deliveries only


Delivery Routes & Timetable

Delivery 1

Dimanche/ Sunday 24th December


Loudeac                            9.00 am                Super u car park

Le Cheze                           9.45 am                Car park by Lake

Trinity Porhoet          10.30 am               Cemetery car park

Mohon                            11.15 am               Mairie parking

Josselin                          12.00 am               Chateau car park

Baud                                  1.30pm                super u car park

St Barthelmy                  2.00pm                mairie car park

Guemene sur scorff     2.30 pm               mairie car park  

Ploerdut                            3.15 pm              Market Square


Delivery 2

Dimanche/Sunday  24th December



Dinan                                   11.00 am

 Axa insurance office car park

Jugon les Lac                    12.00 am Church car park

Moncontour                        1.00 pm  car park opposite   Kaban restaurant

Ploeuc sur lie                     1.30 pm  Carrefour car park



Catering size 

Mushy peas    2.5kg                          8.50 

Bakes beans    2.5kg                         5.50 

Chefs larder marmalade     2kg    12.68

Cl american mustard     1lt              4.90 

Cl sweet chilli                  1lt              4.90 

Branston pickle      2.53kg              15.72 

Horseradish            2.15kg              14.63 

Mint sauce              2.15kg              15.52 

Stones ginger wine                        12.00

Cadbury hot chocolate   2kg          18.00 

Horlicks     2kg                                  20.00 

Aero    hot chocolate       2kg        22.00


wright cold tar soap                        2.00

Bylis and Harding Soap                  4.50

Petal soft toilet rolls  4pk                 3.90 

Sf  toilet rolls 9pk                              4.95 

Silky toilet rolls     24pk                   12.00 

Bold 2 in 1 pearls          38 washes     12.00 

Ariel      38 washes                               12.00 

Fairy Liquid                      383ml        3.90

Fairy non bio 38 washes                     12.00 

Flash bleach  500ml                               3.30 

Comfort intense    concentrated 

 fuchsia passion 

Sunset kiss                                         

Fresh sky        64 washes                        8.80 

cotton dishcloths                                  2.34

foam scourers                                        2.50

brillo pads pk 10                                   2.88


Prices will be also subject to change due to market costs and  availability










Contact details

kerbian farm

14 rue de Cleumeur,




2 Rue Senechal



Tel: 0296247526     (shop hours)

02 96 24 32 00 (after hours)

mobile; 0680078301

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